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I will be posting here if I revamp any earlier sections in the story, as well as any sizable changes in the other resources. When applicable, I will provide direct links so the sections may be viewed directly.
  • 05.11.2004 - Our wonderful ISP has been deciding to disconnect us during all the daytime hours, so if you're having difficulty getting anything to load that's why. I realize that me posting this is rather silly since if you were able to download the site reliably there wouldn't be any need to post it. To top it all off, the paid site I maintain has recently switched over to a whole new system and is forcing everyone to sign up as NEW members, and none of the settings migrate over. Therefore, I cannot even host a mirror of Far Horizons there at this time.
  • 04.01.2004 - Regular updates have begun! Check out the first section of chapter 2!
  • 03.20.2004 - Updated 01.25 the last part of it including a revamp of Victor's point of view in that section. It's an important shift in the story, so check it out!
  • 03.10.2004 - Reloaded chapter one to be in sync with the rest of the site contents. Updated writer and character section to reflect the change.
  • 03.09.2004 - Enjoyed my birthday! FAQ section updated!
  • 03.08.2004 - Updated the main page, added another chapter summary. Changed the menu format slightly.
  • 03.04.2004 - The Interview Room and Updates section added. Paypal donate links added. Counter and chat room added.
  • 03.02.2004 - Subdomain test success! Updated banners page with the correct address.
  • 03.01.2004 - FAQ contents updated. Still no links to The One Man theory or the Ayanami awards.
  • 02.20.2004 - Wrote contact, banners, links, message board, writers, characters sections.
  • 01.31.2004 - Added the rest of chapter one.
  • 01.30.2004 - Added half of the first chapter.
  • 01.16.2004 - Site creation started.
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