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It is the Earth year 2385. The Federation has developed a viable transwarp drive. The USS Voyager returned home after a six year journey through the delta quadrant, carrying information of the vastness of borg held space. Territory in the Gamma Quadrant has been ceded to the Federation and construction on the Trojan class station Deep Space Twenty-Three is eight months underway. Bajor has continued its commitment to an independent future and taken over operations of the station known as Deep Space Nine, renaming it Mer Deranya. Bajor has grown both in status and influence with the control of Gamma Quadrant traffic in their space.

The Cardassian empire has reformed, and spent the last few years after the Dominion war rebuilding its internal defenses. The Romulans have resumed their intention of limited contact with the Federation following the tendencies of the prior era. The Klingon Empire have resumed their border patrols in renewed vigilance, if not in suspicion, in a spirit of renewed enthusiasm for protecting their own territory. All powers large enough to be recognized by the Federation have been working to extend their borders to meet their neighbors. A fairly easy peace exists, seeming to give testament to the Federation's ability to soothe the restless nature of its neighbors.

Everyone has turned their efforts inward, in strengthening their own worlds, their own borders, their own self-interests. The Federation is in the midst of an overhaul of its fleet, allowing its ships to arrive anywhere within Federation space within days rather than weeks or even months. This new mobility is stimulating an array of new problems as new timetables are possible up, the backbone of its fleet remains unequipped with this new technology and rival technologies keep cropping up demanding a “fair hearing”. Giving only cursory glances at other options, the Federation has stepped up implementation of the refitting of their fleet.

Small clusters of non-aligned worlds within Federation space move to form alliances with each other, trying to gain some say in the restrictions placed upon them by the now ever-present Federation fleet. Officially the right to self-determination is upheld by the Federation, but emissaries of their private will for the absorption of these independent worlds for resources have already been implemented on more than one occasion. For what use is Federation ideals if there is no Federation to protect? Leaving some agents of the common good asking the question; What use is a Federation to protect if there are no ideals which are upheld?

Corruption in those in power is a topic that is whispered about, but no one dares bring to the light. The brighter and less indoctrinated officers start to ask where their superiors are drawing the line of morality these days, something substantiated by the inordinate amount of classified missions in recent years. Reports have been known to be quietly buried, but no one person has enough information to even glimpse at the bigger picture. Information is restricted, separate computer cores on Starbases with Admiral's access only are not uncommon.

Meanwhile life continues more or less as status-quo for the majority of Starfleet Officers serving within this grand organization of worlds. New member worlds seem to be added almost on a daily basis, some more shining examples of Federation acceptability than others, but certain influences within the higher courts seem almost nervous with the urgency they display in gathering these new resources---something that has no justification from what is common knowledge. Starfleet still seems to be populated by a majority of Humans with a close second being races almost indistinguishable from Humans. But some of those indistinguishables are mortal enemies in disguise.

The Beginning. The End.

The Isannah, a Federation starship under the acting captainship of Ethan Lysander, limps home as the crew attempts to recover from the disaster of their most recent mission. One hundred and thirty odd are dead, the survivors attempt to make sense of this seemingly senseless tragedy. Jesa Callen, acting Executive Officer of the USS Isannah grieves for the loss of her fiancé, Doctor Becknar Gear. But before she is allowed to tend to her grief, the brass decide to promote her and give her command of the Isannah in one fell swoop. And so she struggles with the questions of how to react to these latest developments when all she wants to do is proclaim to the universe how unfair its workings are.
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The Starbase

Intrigue and suspicion play their part in Jesa's struggle with her own mental health. Too many questions are left unanswered and too many uncertainties remain. For the moment fate seems to have been kind to her but she constantly questions whether that will last or not. A prisoner becomes an unlikely friend and only furthers the questions that must be asked. There is a danger lurking, but can it be prevented before it claims more lives?
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Repairs Underway

Jesa leaves Starbase 120 for Starbase 253 to attend a local flag-officer wedding, only to have another attempt made on her life. Apathy, hopelessness, and terror all play a part in the mixture of her emotions as she finds herself without any source of emotional support. Never really knowing who is attempting her life, the attempts mysteriously stop as suddenly and without warning as they started. Jesa throws herself into her work, to try and forget the unpleasant happenings. However, her coping will be somewhat short lived as a clash of egos on another front demands her attention. And the new hologram-turned-human is assigned to none other than Alara Keeves, while they try and figure out what impact this transformation has on her legal status.
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