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The Far Horizons story was born out of a PBEM RPG (Play By E-Mail Role-Playing Game) out of the Starbase 118 role-playing group. Anya Talisan came to be GM of the USS Isannah. The time at which the Far Horizons story starts is the last mission of the Isannah with Jesa Callen in command. The mission was created by me, and the concept we played out. The characters other than myself were generally played by other people, and as such are property of those various people, some of which I never knew the names of to give proper credit. (Visit the Writers section to see who wrote what).

Later I had to quit the role-playing game because of the amount of time it required from me. However, I could not bear to leave my characters behind forever, and so the storyline continued. In the months to follow, more of my characters became an integral part of the story as it unfolded. Jacob Matthew, someone who was on the USS Isannah ship while I was GMing it, created the concept of the Khall'ianen, where a lot of my people will end up for various reasons. He is the sole co-author in the later endeavors.

The entire story of Far Horizons takes focus away from the traditional Federation, and into an area not as familiar to all who would probably read this story. Through the eyes of players which become key in the political changes that are about to take place, the Khall become a very important line against the new threat. You've followed the adventures of the Starship Enterprise, you've done your tour on DS9, and you've journeyed home with Voyager. Now look at the universe through a different set of eyes, you may see more than you want to.

How this site works:

I update a section every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday starting April 1st, 2004. There are certain sections that take longer to get the inspiration for, so there may occasionally be holes in the chapters as they are put up, but I attempt to keep them as sequential as possible (for obvious reason). In addition, some of the earlier chapters may occasionally undergo revamps where additional sections may be added to explain storyline introductions later. I will make note of those on the updates page as they happen.

We have enough storyline written or at least outlined to keep updates happening for the next couple of years. We have approximately twenty chapters at least partially written (most more than that), with an additional three at least worked out. Each chapter has approximately twenty-four to thirty-four sections, that means that if I was to update every day of the month, we'd have approximately twenty month's worth of material. Do not worry about the story going dead!


Yes, donations are appreciated and accepted. I trust you have spied the donate tag at the bottom of various pages. This is how it works. For those of you who are familiar with webcomics, you know that most people who create them give some kind of special bonus to those who donate to their creative endeavors. Far Horizons also has a special bonus for people who donate. Head over to The Interview Room for details on how this works.

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