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You enter the dimly lit room quietly, no one else has arrived yet, allowing you to get a good look at the surroundings. Along one wall is a line of windows, boasting a beautiful view of the stars and a blue-green orb of a planet can be seen beyond the confines of the viewport. The very information gathered from the window says you are probably on a spaceport somewhere, but by the variety of ships that occasionally are seen before they jump to warp, you don't really know where you are.

The room is roughly triangular, but altered from that simple geometric shape. Along the windowed wall, the room bends outward, the wall slanting slightly from where it starts at the floor to where it terminates at the ceiling. There is a table about a meter and a half from the windows, similarly arced to follow the curve of that end of the room. There are two doors, the one you just came through, and on the opposing end of the room.

Opposite the table is a small platform of two steps where a small table sits beside a single chair. Behind the chair is a somewhat shimmering material, blue in general hue and undoubtedly decorative in nature. The most lighting in the room is focused over the single chair, undoubtedly meant to sit someone who was about to be interviewed or debriefed, or in some other way examined by a panel of people.

The colors aren't quite what would be considered Federation norm; there aren't enough shades of beige in the whole room. The chairs are a deep blue, the table a clear glass top, and the seats themselves seeming almost old-fashioned in their black plastic design with cushions. In fact, you can't really place any particular culture's design influence in the room. There are even plants in the corners, real ones, with lights over them supplementing the obviously normal dimness of the room.

A part of you is quite thankful that chair isn't meant for you, as you make your way around the room to take one of the chairs along the curved table, facing the single chair. The dim lighting over the long table further reinforces the focus on the single chair. You wonder who will be sitting in it today, and who your companions will be in this scene which is about to take place.


This section is information on the special events given out for donators. First, let me explain how the system works, and then the interview room description will make more sense. I wanted to give something back to people who are willing to give something of their pocket cash to support my time invested on this story. It helps make up for living expenses, and justify our spending my time working on the story rather than going out and getting a "real" job and spending my time in that.

Therefore, I set out about the task to figure out just what it is that people would like, what would give back to the fans who support this site. I came across the idea that what I would most like if I was a fan of another story, would be to be able to interact with my favorite character on some level. And thus, the idea was born.

Donators have two options:

  1. You can pick a character you want to interact with, and write a series of questions to ask that character which will be answered in story format.
  2. You can show up at the weekly hosted chat session (once a week, so hopefully all donators of that month can make at least one of the times), where one of the characters from the story will appear, and you can interact with him or her in the interview room described earlier.
People who opt for option a, will receive their gift back in written format, answering the questions in a scene format. You can include a description of yourself, or the character you wish to interact through. Any additional information provided will be worked into the scene to the best of my ability. Note, if you do something like choose Jesa to interact with and decide to interact with her through a changeling character, she WILL react how she normally would. I.E. if you (as a changeling) do anything stupid, she might attack, or she may just storm from the room if your questions become too invasive. I will not censor their reactions at all, so that you can have that experience of dealing with that character.

People who opt for option b will be given the contact information for that month, including the four (usually four) held chat times and locations. It will most likely be an IRC chat room, so you'll need some kind of client to connect. Once the session is over, I will edit it to more closely fit narrative format, and then I will e-mail it out to all the participants of that chat.

I haven't yet come up with a way for how to decide what character from the story will appear in the chats. It might be based on the people who donate for that week and what they've requested, it might be random. There are some limitations on characters and content, as I have listed below.

  • I will not play any character that was someone else's creation. For example, I can't play Buck Gear, though I have tried in the past, it just doesn't have the same flavor as his creator and writer. Thus the options will be limited to the characters that either I or Jacob Matthew has created. There is no restriction on characters beyond that. You could choose Justine Callen, though her appearance in the story is quite limited. Or you could choose Anaya Talisan, or Victor Tyne. As long as they are of our creation and appeared in the story, there is no limitation.
  • No X rated content, please. That means cut it on the crude language, nudity, or anything else you could come up with that just would not be acceptable in a social situation with someone you (or your character) has never met. If you write something like this in option a, I might still respond to you, but you may not like the way I respond. If you do it in option b chats, you will be banned.
  • Characters will have all information up to the currently posted content in the story, and their mindsets and attitude will reflect that. They will have all the appropriate knowledge in the past. But if you do something like choose Anaya Talisan and the setting is in the middle of Chapter 5, you may have nothing more to interact with than a rather comatose person. Of course, you could specify an earlier time-frame, at which point you might be able to get some interesting details out of her about her life before that mission, but well, you'd have to think of that innovation yourself. ^_~
  • This interaction will not appear in the story anywhere. Everything that goes on in The Interview Room will take place outside of their space-time continuum. It is going to basically be a suspension of reality scene, that will reflect what the characters are really going through, but it will not have any effect on their in-story reactions. They will not “remember” it in story, and it will not become part of their cumulative experience.
This will probably be refined as time goes on. The idea is that I can spend some one-on-one time with people who care enough to donate, that won't suck all the time I have available to work on the story. And it should prove interesting for myself and the people who read this story. Feel free to contact me with any additional questions, or even ideas. I'm quite open to hear what people who are reading the site are thinking. Feedback really is the only way I can improve.

~ A. Talisan

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